Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In more shallow news:

I have dry skin. My legs, in particular, would be ashy if they weren't white (well, mottled purply capillary colour, to be accurate). The state of the skin on one's body is, of course, of vital importance to the performing belly dancer, and finding the right moisturiser is an ongoing concern. Really thick creamy ones are great but seem to take an enormous amount of effort to get rubbed in. Who wants to waste precious minutes rubbing cream into one's legs when the gig is in an hour and your face isn't done? Not me. Oils and butters, like the marvellous Palmers, are marvellous but their moisturising properties don't seem to last - they sit on the skin and the skin beneath soon seems to dry out again. Plus, Proper Old-Skool Palmers is greasy and Nu-Style Palmers oil is oily, so your costume wants to stick to it for the longest time. Great for slathering on before an early night, not so great when you're prancing about in a split circle skirt in half an hour.

I am, therefore, totally telling the world about my new and exciting discovery: Aveeno daily moisturising lotion. This stuff is GOOD. Unlike every moisuriser I've ever used in my life, it feels not like a protective layer on top of skin of variable moistness, but like something delivering moisture. It's a lotion but it feels almost like applying a gel at the same time. In fact, it feels exactly like when you put a cream or lotion on your skin while it's still wet from the shower. Even if you haven't been in the shower. Amazing. It does have a slightly greasy feel on top of that, but it's not unpleasant, and it really does seem to deliver on its promise of moisturising for 24 hours.

What are your favourite moisture treatments for the body?


  1. I totally love Dove Supreme Bodysilk (the big round pot) I swear it's like magic, no greasy feel, easy to apply, unobtrusive smell and moisturizes amazingly well. (I get very dry skin on my upper arms and lower legs, esp. in winter) Tried other Dove stuff before and many many other moisturizers over the years but always keep coming back to it. Wish they had it in travel size though. A work colleague of mine uses it to treat winter eczema, says it works better than prescription stuff.

  2. I use apricot massage oil . As i massaged peoples backs and legs I found that my hands and nails became lovely smooth and soft , My nails even showed a big improvement to what they used to be , So now all dry skin gets the once over with Apricot oil ,;-)